The Virtual Reality Revolution


The movies of our childhoods are coming to life. The possibility of seeing, touching, and smelling in another dimension are now almost realized due to the gains made recently in the virtual reality industry. The virtual reality revolution is a new frontier in which the digital becomes tangible. This revolution will change everything about us as human beings, from how we work, connect with one another, and play to how we make scientific discoveries, learn, and manage our health. The innovation of the smart phone made everything available at the click of a button. Now virtual reality will make it possible to experience everything in the moment.

Big Markets

The Virtual Reality revolution will touch big markets. 3d stereoscopic videos are being used in these industries to shift forward.

  • Advertising

The virtual reality revolution will bring consumers closer to advertisers, involving them in first-person experiences with the product instead of promo videos and pop-up ads.

  • Social Media

The evolution of haptic technology could enable you to hear and see and even touch and smell your friends and family who are across town or around the world.

  • Shopping

Virtual reality will let you view the actual clothes in the store, aiding in your purchase decision without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Entertainment

One of the expectations of the virtual reality revolution is that it will make people more involved in the experience. Instead of passively watching a video. Viewers will have the chance to control where they go in the story.

Unclear Horizon

Imagine the limitless options when you take a spherical panorama camera, 360 video, and platforms such as Oculus Virtual. This provides much excitement, but it also provides uncertainty.

Measured by its affect right now, we can be sure that many of the changes of the virtual reality revolution will be positive. The revolution means more immersion. Particularly around the social media platform, people will be connected like never before. But what does this mean for our lives outside of the headset? Will these transforming experiences make us more empathetic and attentive towards one another? Or will they push us further into our bubbles of isolation? Will the nature of virtual reality put us into a place to take action? The virtual reality revolution and its changes lay in our hands and we must decide what to do with it.