Getting the Best Equipment for 360 Photos


HD image brings life to images and 360 photography gives the viewers a feeling of being there. It is many a big difference in marketing and promoting any product. Consumers are in better place to view the product from a 360-degree angle. In 360 panoramic photo, numerous frames (from 2 to 360) are captured and then stitched together by means of stitching software or in Photoshop. 360 panorama video has brought in a big time change in commercial advertisements. It is a great career option for many. In order to begin one must learn the technique and considered getting the essential equipment required.

Cameras To be Considered for 360 Photos

It is important to have a decent DSLR to capture high definition images. In order to simplify the selection, we came up with a few options;
• Canon 5D, Mark II is the most popular camera for taking panorama photographs.
• Canon EOS, Mark III is a high-priced camera. If you want something firsthand and can afford it, this is your stuff!
• Nikon DSLR D5200 or D7000 are lightweight and reasonably priced.
• Nikon D90 is very popular among Nikon users.
One can always pick a brand new camera, but it is always recommended checking if you are comfortable with it or not.

Other Equipment Required for 360 Photos

One cannot take the images manually. The images together should appear like a 3d video capture. Hence, one needs a fisheye lens. One can go with Sigma 8mm f/3.5 or Nikon AF DX 10.5mm or even Canon Fisheye 8-15 mm f/4. Apart, you would also need tripod and pano heads. Always pick a stable tripod such as Induro Carbon CT214 or Manfrotto 055Xb that comes with a ball head. The photos are supposed to be taken from the same position, so it is important to have a Panoramic head. There are many brands offering a wide range of panoramic heads including Pinnacle VR, Kaidan, Manfrotto, Nodal Ninja. To capture the images without switching the camera position one needs a remote switch. From cables to wireless remote switched, there are many in the marketing suiting one’s budget.

Learning the Technique

One needs to set the pano head over the tripod and then mount the camera on it. Always use the manual mode to set the exposure according to your taste. One can even try using spherical cameras that can capture images up to 360 degrees. There are many software’s to stitch the images together like EasyPano, KrPano, and Kolor. Just download and install the trial versions and try making stereoscopic 3d videos yourself. Rift virtual reality headset detaches the user from the rest of the word by immersing him into the digital world. Watching a 360 panorama with an oculus rift virtual gear set would be a magical experience.