What is the Best Photography Equipment for 360?


The equipment that will be required for a 360 panoramic video will largely depend on the amount of professionalism that one has. For those with sufficient skills, a 360 panorama would just need a single spherical camera. However, there is a set of equipment that is ideal for the successful undertaking of the process.
The use of essential and basic elements in the 360 degree filming is key to hastening and making simple the whole process.
The basic equipment includes but not limited to a 360 spherical panorama apparatus which is composed of a stand and the head.


A spherical panorama camera is considered a professional thing by many people. This is attributed to the fact that it is the same concept as the virtual reality film which has in most cases been associated with journalism where some standard equipment is used.
These include;
• Photocamera.
Any camera can be used based on the required quality of the expected images. However, a reflex camera which is mostly digital is recommended. These cameras can use different types of lenses, a lot of control options and characterize by high-quality images.
• Lens.
The fishEye and the wide-angle lenses are the most commonly used. These are very essential in determining the frame of your images. The FishEye is preferred to wide-angled lenses.
• Panoramic head.
Cameras are mostly installed on the panoramic head so as to prevent the parallax effect. These are two types; single-row and multi-row heads. The multi-row is spherical.


For there to be an accurate set-up of the various panoramic heads during the 360-degree filming, there is a need for a leveling base. This ensures that the rotations are done on a level axis. A stable stand is also required for the proper fixation of the cameras on the panoramic head. This helps in developing an Oculus Rift video where very high quality and accuracy is required. This stand is known as a tripod and greatly helps in controlling how freely a stereoscopic video camera rotates while fixed on the head.
It is also possible to control the camera’s shutter remotely. You will achieve this by the use of a trigger cable.

Virtual Reality’s Film Equipment

For full immersion to be achieved, the apparatus must be used for their correct purposes. Proper knowledge of the equipment is thus a necessity to all users. For proper functioning, the knowledge of the functions of each of the equipment alone is not enough. One must know how the equipment is fixed onto each other to achieve maximum results from them.The after and before use treatments of the equipment is also key. This is to enhance proper maintenance controls for durability purposes since most of this equipment are expensive and not easy to acquire.
The main aim of all this is to get the best out of this equipment by producing high-quality HD videos and images.