Learning About 360 Panoramic Photos


With the use of certain equipment, you can create the perfect 360 panoramic photos. It’s not as hard as one may think, at least with the way professional photographers show it. Nevertheless, creating these types of photos does require some skill and technique. But with Oculus VR Video, 3d music video, Oculus Rift virtual reality, and 360 video capture, making perfect 360 panoramic creations are more challenging, especially when trying to do spherical gears. And this is due to stitching errors and movement. Additionally, the stitching is even more challenging with the use of 3d stereoscopic camera, when trying to create the 360 panoramic photos.

Photography Tips

To make the best quality, 360 degree photos, there are some techniques that should be used. You can use a camera, or even a smartphone. You also must have a tripod that will be centered and settled securely on the floor or ground. Additionally, a panoramic head must be used. There is also the 360 panoramic video camera that can be used.

Also, it’s best to used light or the sun for the photos. But with the light or sun, it’s important to move out of the way to eliminate shadows. You also must make sure that your focus hasn’t change at all doing this process. Other photography tips include the following:

• Shoot in 10 degree intervals for a total of 360 degrees
• Shoot the first shot, so the sun is just off the screen
• Put the camera on manual mode

Making it Into a Sphere

Once that is all done, the next to do is to go to the computer to create the sphere of your photos. The right software must be used, which is known as a Panorama Editor. Some great software to use to create the perfect sphere is the PT Greek, and PT Gui. When you check the pictures, you must do it to align them. There may be a picture or two that must be removed. Another thing that must be done is to fit the pictures to align them, and you must also mark points on some areas to align them as well.

More Editing Advice

After all of the above changes, there still may be some more editing to be done to create the best looking photos possible. For one, there could still be some shadows shown, because you didn’t move around as much as needed. However, with the eraser device in the Panoramic editor, you can erase any shadow or other, unwanted image. Secondly, you can also use correct number of pixels, or in some cases, using the optimal size is suffice. And lastly, cropping the pictures may be needed in some cases for the ultimate finish. Using all these techniques will produce the best spherical photo possible, and over time, you can only get better with these techniques.