Taking an Epic 360 Video Shoot


The 360 degree videos are commonly known for their high HD resolution. For you to make one of such quality, you must make efforts to ensure that the video that you take is as epic as possible. This involves the use of the right cameras, correct leveling of all the cameras and ensuring that as the apparatus rotate, the whole area is covered as this would be the only effective way of coming up with a proper 3d video.
The 360 degree spherical panorama is the basic equipment that enhances the creation of an epic stereoscopic 3d video.


To make the video as epic as expected, one should;
• Commence by recording video streams. They should be several from the same point as this would enhance reliability while selecting the ones to be used during stitching.
• Ensure the video streams are stitched up together. The stitching is done using the Autopano video software which usually synchronizes the streams of videos automatically and ensures that the 360 spherical panorama is uniformly calibrated with all colors well brought out as should.The software also ensures that the exposure of all features in the video is uniform.
• Once the video is stitched, it’s Rift virtual reality features will only be realized by viewing. The stitching process is done on either a computer, iPhone or an iOS using the virtual reaity oculus. They can as well be shared.

Essential Equipment for The Exercise

To achieve an admirable 360 drift, one must have a well-equipped photo camera. This would make it easy to capture the 360 panoramic photos that stitched to form the videos. A reflex camera is recommended for this. A FishEye or wide-angled lenses are used. However, FishEye is of higher quality as compared to the wide-angled. A panoramic head onto which the spherical cameras are mounted is also essential as it does away with the parallax effect during the shooting.

A tripod which is a stable stand is also needed. It is where the panoramic head together with the cameras are fixed. This also enhances leveling during rotation of the equipment.

Characteristics of The Expected Video

All 360 videos taken on a spherical panorama are to be immersive. The viewer is expected to be fully engaged through the 360 all-round video. The video should be in such a way that one can view it on a computer, iOS or an iPhone. Proper framing is thus required because the cameras used are of very high quality and hence it typically covers very wide areas. The video maker must thus ensure that all important features are included. This is done best during or just immediately after stitching. Sharing of the video should be possible. If your video is epic, then so many would want to watch it. This will only take effect if it is shareable.